Geocoding Results

The MapMarker Dashboard displays the progress and results of your geocoding jobs.

  1. To download your geocoded output file, on the table row containing your geocoding job information, click Download File icon.. The output zip file contains both successful and error records.
  2. To view the details of a completed job, click View Details icon..
    Step Result: The Geocoding Job Details page for the selected job displays. This page shows 5 records from your output file and also provides results of the job including:
    • Success — The number of address records successfully processed.
    • Failed — The number of address records which failed to geocode.
    • Geocode Level — The number of the processed records per geocode level: Street/Building and Geographic/Postal; as well as the Match Mode that you selected.
    • File Details — The input record file information.
  3. To download your geocoded output file, click Download.
  4. If the job failed and you would like to configure the job again with new geocoding options and resubmit, click Configure.